100% recycled metals

certified recycled & conflict-free metal

Kayge Studio prioritizes using the highest quality, ethically and sustainably sourced metals. The fine gold and silver we use is certified by SCS Global as being from 100% RECYCLED sources.

Our gold is also certified as being CONFLICT-FREE GOLD. As our metal refiner states, "It is our policy not to conduct business with any counter-party that takes any material from any country or region which we believe was obtained with methods involving exploitation or other serious human rights violations or which may, directly or indirectly, support or benefit armed rebels or terrorist groups through illegal finance or other activities."

Our pieces are meant to be heirlooms and last for generations. We want our environmental impact to be minimal. We invest considerably more in our metal than others do in order to be able to offer sustainably sourced products. This is a non negotiable to Kayge's ethos. We appreciate your support :)